for IRS Form 2210 & Annualized Schedule AI for 2012
by  Edco Software, Inc.
Our 2012 calculator Revision A uploaded 4/14/2012 includes everything Congress has done to date.  If you download and Register your file we will keep you up-to-date with 2012 changes to your 2012 tax file.


  There's plenty of information available on the web to figure your estimated tax Safe Harbors but this spreadsheet program actually calculates your absolutely least quarterly installment tax payments to avoid any underpayment penalties for the form 2210 AI Annualized Income Method, without estimating full year income. It is the ultimate Safe Harbor for the Self Employed, or anyone whose income fluctuates, or who has unexpected gains, particularly from December Mutual Fund distributions or large early year Deductions or Loss Carryovers. It still uses your prior year's tax as a Safe Harbor, but 90% of the current year's tax is calculated each quarter from your ACTUAL quarterly taxable income, NOT an estimate of what you may or may not do for the full year. When the year's over we use your current year's actual tax if it produces lower results. Take the estimate guesswork out of your "estimated" taxes.


Pricing---FREE--Pay nothing in advance for the 2012 full year income tax calculator (also calculates 2011, 2009 and 2010 taxes), Safe Harbor Calculator and first quarter Annualized calculator, and only $18 to register for 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter AI computations and update and revision notification. Use it also to check your other tax program, calculate your 1040, and/or estimate your current year's taxes before your regular tax program is available.

. You'll find this QITC program perfect for those "what-if" situations and/or estimating year 2012 income taxes including the exercise and/or sale of ISO options as they impact the AMT. There's even an "AMT Guage" that re-calculates AMT as you change input and/or show how close to creating AMT you are for changing inputs.


  • Stop paying penalties for underpayments. The QITC program computes the minimum payment on any safe harbor or the Annualized Income Method to avoid any underpayment penalties.


  • Stop making interest free loans to Uncle Sam.


  • Input your data directly to the numbered lines of the 1040, Schedule D and A and other credit, tax and deduction forms and worksheets we calculate, and enter your tax status, carry-forwards and AMT adjustments.  Everything else is calculated for you and displayed as you would enter it on all the forms and worksheets. 


  • No supporting detail is necessary.  The spreadsheet accepts your line totals, or you can enter individual items for each 1040 line, or construct your own custom input cells for just your personal items of income and deductions, taxes, credits, etc.


  • Ideal layout for accepting the output from financial programs without having to input all the details.


  • Calculates the AMT, TMT, Child Tax and Educational Credits, Schedule D Tax, Schedule A, , including State Sales Tax Tables, and high income limitations,  multiple businesses, self-employed Social Security Tax ( SE reduction in 2011 and 2012 ) and the health insurance deduction, taxable Social Security, and for any tax status. Accepts any "Other Taxes", any credit, makes proper credit limitations, accepts all 6251 (AMT) adjustments and calculates the entire 6251 and provides additional Schedules D for AMT adjusted lines.  You can make an adjustment entry for anything the QITC hasn't done.


  • Calculates the penalty (in case you didn't follow our advice).


  • Calculates and displays lines of Forms 1040, 2210, 2441,3800, 4952, 4972, 6251, 8615, 8801,8812, 8814, 8853, 8863, 8880, 8889,Schedules A including State Sales Tax deductions and Phase-outs, D, L, M and H, and worksheets, all calculated quarterly to support  your minimum installments, and for your final return.


  • Provides "toggles" to enter or restrict current year's tax from Form 2210 calculations, and  averages withholding or applies it when it's deducted for the maximum reduction of installment payments or to develop late-year withholding strategies.  Separate "toggles" for W-2 and 1099 withholding.  Instantly see the affect on every installment.


  • Uses the "last year's safe harbor" method if it is lower and displays it separately for comparison.


  • Provides corresponding year-end input cells for 1099, K-1 and W-2 information in order to check your quarterly input, check against your tax program, or compute your own final 1040.  Displays the difference between your quarterly totals and final totals, item by item on all worksheets and forms.


  • Unlimited multiple clients' returns for preparers that Zip to less than 150K each and can be saved to disk, floppy, FAXed, e-mailed, or printed.


  • Free technical support on the Internet. For a program that will do all that expect it to look complicated, but you can just ignore all the lines, forms and worksheets that don't apply to you. Use your last year's 1040 as a guide to which entries you need this year, type in the cumulative totals and we do all the calculating for you, displaying every line of every form used.


  • Free revisions for each year if the IRS changes their forms and rates or if we provide calculations for more supporting forms.


System Requirements:

Excel 97 or later for Windows;  2 meg free disk space;

Download the free Excel file to the right---> 

Then, to register send your check to the below address, or by Credit Card or PayPal enter your order by secure transaction below indicating the item QITC12 in the "description" field. Then, with either method, confirm the program you ordered in an e-mail to edcosoft@sbcglobal.net and we will return your e-mail with unlocking instructions to convert the file to a full program.



Click here to download a FREE 2012 tax and 1st  quarter calculator of the QITC Program. When prompted, SAVE the file to a directory you can remember. Then go to that directory and open QITC12.xls in Excel.

There's about a 30 second delay in the download. There are no Macros nor external links in our program.

Now this FREE file will calculate your full current year’s taxes or just the April 15th Installments for 2010, 2011 or 2012 using IRS Form 2210 Schedule AI calculations, and/or all the Safe Harbors and all the forms' documentation.   Try it!  It's about 2 megs and downloads in less than a minute.  If you don't want it,  just delete the file.
Register the file to calculate all 4 quarterly installments as they come due in the current year.


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